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From the portal of bets you can take part in the games of Lottery and Bets of the State.
Euro Million, Primitive(Original) Lottery, Bonoloto, The Fat man of the Primitive(Original) one, The Sports lottery, The Quinigol and National Lottery.
It(He,She) can play simple and multiple bets, tickets of one day and weekly, as well as subscribe to his(her,your) favorite combinations.
Also we have of reduced the games, optimized to play mas numbers for less money but with big possibilities of gaining(earning) big prizes.

How are plays sent?
Once realized his(her,your) purchase, the system sends a mail with the certificate of property of his(her,your) play.
Passive games (National Lottery): You will receive an e-mail with his(her,your) tenth electronic one that certifies that you are the owner of them tenth bought.
Active games (Sports lottery, euromillones, bonoloto ...): You recibira an e-mail corresponding to the realized plays that there certifies the property of his(her,your) purchase.

Once realized the drawings of the games, the system will scrutinize his(her,your) bets and it(he,she) was depositing his(her,your) prizes in his(her,your) account(bill). Also it(he,she) will receive an e-mail with the scrutiny of his(her,your) bets.
Lotería para Empresas
Para el Sorteo de Navidad podemos realizar reservas con antelación, disponemos de la lotería desde el mes de Julio.

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