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Have you problems to pay with your card of credit?

To pay with card of credit in you must activate " sure electronic commerce " for and for his your safety.
If it he continues having problems to load money in his your account contact with us.
924 372 314 -

¿Debo registrarme para utilizar los servicios de la web?
It is not indispensable to be registered in our system to be able to use it, though yes very advisable.

Make sure itself(himself,herself) that all his your information should be correct since in case of some major prize, we will have to verify his your identity.
Sitemas of payment
Our systems of payments are the following ones:

1.-Credit card.
2.-Transfer Banacaria.
3.-Others (soon we will add other forms of payment)
Do taxes or commissions pay my prizes?

There are two types of awards:

Not subject to withholding tax: less than or equal to 2,500 euros. In this case, the system will attempt to automatically credited to your account, once in your mind you can ask to enter your bank account without any cost or to play with that money.
- Subject to withholding tax: over 2,500 euros. In this case you must request payment of your prize by accessing your user account. The system will automatically report the net amount of the award, as well as the 20% deduction to which it is subject.
Jackpots: it is those in an amount equal to or greater than € 5,000. These awards may be subject to withholding tax, if any of the award categories than 2,500 . The system will automatically report the net amount of the award, as well as the 20% deduction to which it is subject. "Never be asked in any notice or advance payment on your part, no personal data or passwords to access your account." Yourself who log into your user account will be according to the usual process.

I have problems with algun game, what must I do?

If you have algun problem with regard to algun type of game, functionality, developments, regulation, etc...

Go to:

            Tlfn: 924 372 314

Problems with the web?

It(He,She) has problems of accessibility, unload and installation of the plugin WP AND - results, credit card, etc...

Go to:
            Tlfn: 924 372 314

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