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El Gordo Lottery

The game of the Fat man of the

Primitive(Original) one consists

of happening 5 numbers on 54

more 1 key number to choose

between(among) 0 and 9.


Choose between (among) the

following methods:



1. Simple:

5 more numbers Mark 1 key

number in every column of

the ticket, maximum 6 columns.

2. Multiple:

to realize multiple bets the

competitor will have to

mark only in the first block or

column of the 1 ª counterfoil,

6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11

brands(marks), or what is the

same thing 6, 21, 56, 126, 252

ó 462 bets respectively.

Also we will mark in 2 ª

counterfoil a Key number.

3. Rapid plays:

Limited (Small) development;

ready to play, mark his(her, your)

favorite numbers

or allow that the random should

play for you of optimized form.

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