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Euromillions and Play System

European drawing that is celebrated every Friday and that consists of succeeding 5 numbers between (among) 50 more 2 stars between (among) 9 possible ones.

Ways of playing EuroMillions:

Choose from the following:

  • Simple
  • Refill all the columns wish in the ticket of EuroMillions, maximum 5 columns. Every column must be composed by 5 numbers of 50 and 2 stars of between (among) 9

  • Multiply
  • There refills an alone column of the ticket of EuroMillions and mark mas of 5 numbers between(among) 50 (6, 7, 8,9, ó 10) and only 2 stars.

  • Fast Bets
  • Play optimized and reduced by the system simple to play

Euromillions Fast Bets offers a different way of playing the Euromillions. With just one click, you can buy fast bets for EuroMillions optimized to win. Test our fast bets for EUROMILLIONS and you will win the euromillions, sure.

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